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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  January 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a president receives a not so warm welcome by arizona's governor. more on why the two were involved in alited exchange -- a heated exchange coming up. >> and overnight a pair of sexual assaults in baltimore. the latest on the case coming up. >> the ravens say goodbye to one of their coaches. where he's headed and what to expect at a press conference later today. i'm linda so in for charley crowson. lynette has the weather. >> we have a few showers getting in here but the rain will be more heavy from the afternoon into the evening.
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unseasonably mild as a warm front moves through. then drier for the first half of the weekend. we're looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar as of now. we can see basically the showers to the south of us as of now. if you're headed to dc you definitely need the rain gear. windshield wipers as well. heading to work this morning? a couple of sprinkles on the windshield and could be some still out there north of baltimore around bel air. it's just that the radar doesn't pick up on sprinkles or drizzle because it's too small. as you check out temperatures this morning, above average once again coming in around 36 degrees. let's check traffic with burt. good morning. >> good morning. you might see early showers but so far it's moving well. first shot of 83 at shah want road -- moving at posted speeds. light volume to start. switching over to another camera view, the beltway at wilkens avenue, no delays now. in fact it's moving very well there.
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tunnel also, no reported delays. you can get traffic information 24/7 at maryland traffic on twitter. back to the news. after multiple scawts targeting -- sexual assaults targeting women catonsville, police are trying to track down suspects but so far no luck. sherrie johnson has more. >> police say a woman was pumping gas when one man, mohammed zaman grabbed her and kissed her. the other case, the woman was forced in the car, sexually assaulted and dropped off. news puts residents in high
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alert. >> getting accosted in the middle of the night, that's unsettling. there's not many people out at 10:30 at night. >> the frederick road case, zaman faces misdemeanor assault charges, he's in the baltimore county detention center, bail set at $75,000. investigators are still looking for suspects in the other case. meanwhile, prosecutors in macon, gee, say they are seeking the death penalty in the murder trial of giddings, from laurel. she went missing. her body found wrapped in plastic near the garbage near her apartment complex. her classmate, steven mcdaniel will be arraigned in two weeks. new reaction at 5:00. and an attorney for the so-called east coast rapist ordered a court ordered mental evaluation for the client. it's believed aaron thomas is responsible for the attacks and
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rapes of nearly 17 women. he was supposed to be in court in tuesday in virginia but reportedly not speaking to his attorney thomas is expected to be back in court in march. in harford county they are doing their part to cut down on crime. they will be discussing a program to stop repeat offenders. the harford county sheriff says despite a recent renovation project the county might need a new detention center in just five years. more than half the people arrested in harford county are back in the detention center in less than three years. many have problems such as addiction, mental health and no jobs. several community groups and government agencies work with the issues but harford doesn't have a formal coordinated re-entry program like some counties. the sheriff says that needs to change. >> it's something that is not going to cost tax dollars to do. it's really an attempt to get everybody working off the same sheet of music. >> the plan will officially be unveiled later today at a meeting between the sheriff's department and other community leaders in harford county.
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a mall security guard at arundel mills allegedly stole jewelry and other missing mdz from a kiosk at the mall. john cook vi has been released on $25,000 bond. yesterday the baltimore city board of estimates made it official, parking rates at penn station will go up. monthly parking goes up from $200 to $210. the rate for parking for up to $14 is going up by a dollar, and more than 14 hours, jumping from $20 to $22. parking officials say the increase is being made to help pay for repairs to some of the city's garages. if you're a walmart shopper there will be changes. those who shop late will no longer get the welcome to walmart greeting. those workers have been moved
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to other roles like stocking shelves. the ravens defensive coach is moving up and out. coming up, the new job pagano is getting and why it's bittersweet for baltimore. plus, at least two more dead and hundreds forced to leave their homes and rushing to get tourists off one island, when we come back. a look at local weather and traffic in two and-a-half minutes. as we head to break a live look at washington, dc. we'll have the latest on the president's road trip coming up in eight minutes.
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severe flooding is forcing people out of the local islands of fiji. heavy rain is swamping the island forcing a state of emergency as flooding
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continues. back in the u.s. water is drenching areas of texas as well. rain fell for hours wetting roads across the dallas area but that didn't stop some drivers from trying their luck. they got trapped in floodwaters. that's something we never want to do. >> you never want to drive through flooded roadways. for some reason people want to do it all the time. >> it's the thrill of it? it's dangerous. you don't even know if the road is going to be there. definitely don't do that. luckily we don't have that today but we're going to get rain. let's talk about that. beforehand, lots of tornadoes across the south there and still a long moisture fetch all the way back into the gulf of mexico as of now. so the south still has a ways to go. you can see as we check out into louisiana, all the pushing into mississippi as well, even into alabama, this is pushing in our direction as we go throughout the day. we already got some showers out of it, like i said, a little drizzle and starting to see more into the dc area. that is going to be the scenario as we go throughout the day. you saw all that moisture, that will be moving into our area as
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we go into the afternoon, definitely dealing with heavier rain showers to move into the picture. as you head out the door, i do suggest you grab that rain gear because the showers could get in here even as we go throughout the morning off and on, periods of rain showers, but our temperatures now coming in around 36 degrees into towson, 37 arnold. 34 in manchester. good morning to you westminster, your temperature is around 37 degrees. temperatures are well above average but we are still chilly. we will get mild as we go throughout the day as a warm front pushes through the area. let's check traffic now with burt clay, good morning. >> good morning. the chance of wet weather is out there. things are moving quite well though at this time. first shot of u.s. 29 in howard county, right at maryland 108, both directions running light now with no difficulties to report. a view of i-83, harrisburg expressway at shawan road in
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baltimore county, again, volume is building at this early hour but no difficulty from baltimore county into the city. overnight work at the harbor tunnel are clearing. we had two-way traffic but now it's running with no reported problems. you can get the latest traffic always on twitter at maryland traffic. starting today the price of your airline ticket may seem a bit higher. up next, the new federal ruling in place that will cost more but make your life easier. plus, convicted felons pardoned by a mississippi governor remains free. why a judge says they don't have to return to prison, at least not yet. before we go to break, a live look downtown where the national aquarium will host special events today. we'll be right back.
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get ready to see the price of your airline
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ticket go up. new rules start today that require airlines to include all mandatory taxes and fees in the average price. other optional charges still not included in the price though. and things turning around after losing 800,000 customers last year. the company says they not only gained more customers than expected but fewer people left. subscribers left in droves after netflix raised rates by 60% last year. and the national aquarium is celebrating. the australian ambassador will be at the aquarium today. guests will be able to transport themselves down under with various encounters. and there's more things. and the bay trust will announce the winners of the 2012 awards and the ceremony in annapolis. that is 6:30. and former presidential candidate michelle backman is running for re-election. she says she wants another term representing minnesota in
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congress. she suspended her president campaign earlier this month. michele bachmann represented minnesota since 2007. 500 people are already waiting in line for a chance to see the president on his tour. he'll be in detroit today for the send day of his road trip. the president will be in five states. the first of which he got more than he bargained for when greeted by arizona governor jan brewer. corrine redmond has new reaction on their heated exchange and plans for today. >> reporter: president obama is in the middle of a three it was day tour through key swing states to talk about the economy but much of his talk so far has been with the arizona governor that some are calling hostile. obama was in arizona to visit a facility in chandler and read his message about manufacturing, jobs and crease from the tuesday state of the union address. he and brewer, who is a republican were seen exchanging words behind a limo in the president's motorcade. brewer says the president took offense with how he was
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portrayed in her book on immigration. >> i welcome him and thank him for being here, and we proceeded in a little conversation, told him i had a little thing written for him. he wanted to know what was in the envelope. i told him what was in there. and he changed the subject to my book. >> reporter: brewer says she invited the president back to arizona for a meeting. the white house says the president would be glad to meet again with brewer but "she inaccurately described their last meeting in her book." today he'll be in las vegas and colorado. meanwhile, locally lieutenant governor anthony brown will join house advocates for an event to talk about cigars and smokeless tobacco. the american heart association among others will be in
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attendance. the event will be at noon in annapolis. a new archbishop expected to be selected by march. that the 15th archbritishop of baltimore was named to the college of cardinals this month. and they say he doesn't know who the new archbishop will be. and the indianapolis head coach will be formally named, pagano. he joins mike smith, mike nolan, mike singary, march village lewis and jack del rio who left for jobs in the nfl. the press conference will be 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. ravens head coach john harbaugh released a statement yesterday following the news. he said "we are so happy for him and their daughters. we are proud of him. he grew up in the game and we thank him for all he did for the ravens." many say chuck's first order of
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business will be to find out if peyton manning will be on the team. but pagano leaving baltimore is with some emotion. ravens safety ed reed banged up so much he says he won't even be able to fly to hawaii to play in the pro bowl. he's suffering from a bad nerve in his neck, sprained left ankle and shoulder. two others are not to the island. ray rice is not going for family reasons. public memorial for joe paterno is set for today. he was laid to rest in a private funeral and burial service. thousands of students, alumni and supporters spent webs morning at a second round of public viewings on campus to pay respects to the legendary coach. they waited nearly two hours. today will be the final farewell ceremony for paterno. a special appearance by his son helped give them the closure
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they needed. >> it's really emotional. shaking his hand, it was really nice and it meant a lot. >> the public memorial will be at the bryce jordan center, 15,000 people are expected. four convicted murderers pardoned by mississippi governor haley bar bower will stay free at least until february 3rd. one pardoned is unaccounted for at this time. that's not the only trouble. pardon files are missing for four convicts and man who worked as a trustee at the governor's mansion. the attorney general says some 20 files are missing. he also indicated he wants the murderers back behind bars as soon as possible. barboru gave a total of 203 full pardons. the town council of loma linda, california approved the town's first mcdonald's. you wouldn't think it's a big deal but think again. it has the community divided
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because many town members are 7th day adventist and they believe it's a blow to their town's teaching of holistic wellness. and the area has been tobacco-free for 30 years. one 19-year-old took his love for sweets a bit far. zach is accused of swiping a doughnut from a wyoming shop. he has both agreed to pay a $200 fine, $10 in court courts and 79 cents to cover the cost of the doughnut. he ate the doughnut in the shop and left without paying. he's charged with shoplifting. the kicker, the college student has been studying criminal justice. how about that? no doughnuts for you. >> i will never eat another doughnut ever again. temperatures this morning are well above average. we should be 24 hours. let me add this, statistally we're done with the coldest part of the day that came in yesterday. we're on our way back up. that is good news.
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now our high should be at 42 degrees instead of the 41. but temperature now coming in close to 40 degrees which should be our average high so we are definitely dealing with some mild temperatures this morning. it's going to get milder as we go throughout the day because we'll have a warm front that is going to be moving in here across the area. so the weather pattern picking up on the warm front there. this is the one that is going to be moving in as we go into today. then we'll have a cold front that will pass through as we go through nighttime. that is when we'll see the rain moving in. future trend not picking up on a whole lot. actually, pretty much doing a good job of what we're going to be seeing as we go into the afternoon and morning. so this is what i'm thinking -- i'm thinking as we go through the morning we'll maybe see a couple of showers, a little drizzle, nothing really heavy until mainly we get to the evening time frame. i'm going to put future trend in motion. you can see what is going to be happening as we go into time. you will need the umbrella as you go throughout the day. you could get a few spritzes
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out there, but the bulk of the action is in the overnight into tomorrow. so tomorrow morning, that's the time we will have a dicey commute. it will be a wet commute. so we're getting a respite this morning, not so bad. a look into saturday, things will start to dry out a bit. then we can see snow on the back side of this. but you're going to have to go to the great lakes to get snow. we won't have snow. the temperatures are way too mild. when you see the 7-day forecast you'll see even as we go into february the beginning of february temperatures are still back on their way up. so again, we're going to be dealing with temperatures way above average so for today, 50 degrees is that temperature that i'm forecasting. we'll have a few morning showers, then we get heavier late in the day. mainly as we go toward the morning tomorrow. by tonight that temperature will be around 46 degrees. rain continues and then tomorrow we look at 58 degrees. yes, 58 degrees. here's that 7-day forecast. as i jump you to wednesday. that is february 1st,
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temperature coming in around 52 degrees. let's check traffic with burt. >> good morning. it is a good morning as we look early at the roads. first live view, i-95 near savage at maryland 175. traffic moving away from you is heading northbound. you can see both directions are running now at posted speed. next live look is over on the jones falls expressway into baltimore city, can hardly see any cars, light volume. no delays. 695, baltimore beltway fine, late-night construction is being picked up. traffic updates 24/7 with abc2 news, follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. a dramatic rescue halfway around the world. details on the special forces mission to rescue two international aid workers captured three months ago in somalia. and another high profile mission they are involved in. and a farm yard in georgia is
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drawing attention. what residents are flocking to see. and where some of us wish we were this morning. this is a live look at an island off the philippines.
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making news around the world -- they were kidnapped three months ago and this morning we're learning more about the secret rescue mission that freed two aid workers in somalia. under the cover of night the elite navy team 6 swooped in and rescued jessica buchanan and paul fichit. the same team that took down osama bin laden. jessica's family was more than overjoyed to receive the news she was safe. >> it answered all the prayers. i can never tell them how thankful i am for what they do and what they did. >> reports say jessica has a pre-existing condition and has
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been getting very sick, triggering that mission. both hostages were flown by helicopter to where the u.s. has military presence. stay tuned for gmm at 5:00 and 6:00 for a live report on their conditions. a report says at least four injured and 11 missing after an 18-story building collapsed in rio de janeiro. authorities say there was an explosion just before the building came down. the search continues this morning for victims. 15,000 people took to the streets in poland to protest the signing of a treaty they say announces internet sensorship. several protesters arrested after clashing with police. the treaty aims to establish international property rights. some government-led sights have been hacked in protest. as babyland has become the talk of the town in an eastern village in the country of georgia. it was born with six legs. four in the front, two in the
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back. it's also a herma free-throw diet. two front legs are weak. people from all over the country have been dropping in catch a glimpse of the six-legged sheep. abc2 news has been working overnight to find new information after a pair of sexual assaults in baltimore county. find out the latest as investigators search for suspects. as a winning season pagano says goodbye to baltimore. more on what rival team he'll be heading next season. the controversial speaker shares his thoughts today in ocean city. i'm linda so. why some are calling on some officials to boycott that event. good morning, island linda so in for charley crowson today. let's start with lynette charles. it will be wet. >> it is, especially later into the evening, overnight into tomorrow, definitely a wet commute. but we're looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar as of now, we're starting to see a few showers trying to creep in.
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got a little bit of drizzle on my way into work. you are going to be seeing more as we go throughout the day. the bulk of the action is to the south into dc and too virginia. so if your travels take you along 66, manassas, you're seeing that, dumfries, around this area, make sure you have your rain gear because you're going to need it as you go through this morning, even as you go later into the evening. temperature-wise right now coming in around 37 degrees and upper 30s in mount airy. dundalk 37. so temperatures are mild. you still need a jacket but you don't neated heaviest one -- neat the heaviest one. you need the umbrella and rain boots. the hour by hour forecast showing you what i'm talking about. this morning we could get off and on showers, a couple of sprinkles by 8:00. it lingers into lunchtime today. the heaviest rain as we go more towards 8:00


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